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Thursday, September 20, 2012

So -
I wanted to align some of our thinking as we start to consider concepts for branding our invention.

One thing to be clear about is that this project will need to adapt to future conditions that currently aren't part of our program... For those that missed class last week, in discussions with the group from UF, they have been tasked with the following assignment (and it is great to think of this effort in such precise words):

How do you design strategies for providing sustainable systems for food, water and energy in a post-disaster delivery system?

A couple key words there.

First - PROVIDING... Perhaps a better word would be promoting, but in this case we are thinking about a process of providing services in disaster relief. In such a scenario, the first responders do in fact provide goods and services. The problem with the current model is that most of these provisions arrive in non-sustainable modes - energy via diesel power generators, food via relief packets and water via plastic water bottles, both of which eventually end up as waste.

Thinking about this issue a little further, in epic disasters, like the one in Haiti in 2010, there are infrastructure problems on the ground that become problematic. Roads are difficult to traverse, making the pick-up and removal of waste difficult, or the delivery of fuel impossible. Trash winds up making its way to the ground where it eventually winds up in stormwater systems that become blocked and contaminated:

photo from Port-au-Prince, Haiti March, 2011.

So, the second key word is SUSTAINABLE... Unfortunately, in a time of crisis, these systems of delivery are difficult to improve. Mobility is critical, and that is what we are offering - a mobile delivery service. This prototype can be considered to be a conduit between areas that are stabilized and working, and areas that are unstable and dysfunctional.

Our current program is looking only at the water issue.

Eventually it might take on more - like energy and food.

We might imagine a brand that can grow and adapt to this evolving circumstance... What are themes that connect with both providing an infrastructure of clean water, clean energy, and healthy, sustainable food options?

I was thinking of one name I wanted to share: the Re-Leaf Truck.

I like this concept because it defines a priority to add back into the broken conditions stable options for food, water and energy - instead of providing temporary solutions. Stability is a key concept. We might want to recognize, with whatever brand we chose, that our goals are to provide systems that can translate and transition into permanent systems... either through transitional support (until permanent infrastructure can be re-established), or through rooted stability (growing seedlings that can be planted into stable agriculture).

Anyhow, I thought I would throw this out... let's keep thinking about it and we can pick up the discussion again next week.


  1. I'm sold on Re-Leaf truck. The concept behind it is great - I like the idea that this "brand" will be expanded to providing relief, both temporary and permanent, in other areas besides water. We were getting too stuck on water puns.

    Should we start logo design?


  2. I think it is nice as well and like Katie said it keeps us away from the water puns

    - Hunter