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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hey guys,

I was exploring Google, trying to find a better understanding of some of the irrigation systems that are being used in the agricultural world, as it pertains to some of the research that I was focusing on.

I stumbled across this video series entitled "Farming Simulator", a thrilling RPG in the lifestyle of our agricultural  entrepreneurs. In this video in particular the narrator is showing us how to work the pivot irrigation system that many farmers use to water their crops. I found it very interesting that the structure is a combined pumping system that deals with both irrigation and fertilization. As we know, fertilizers are some of the most harmful pollutants in most water systems throughout the US, and even the world.

The narration spends but a few seconds explaining the origin of the water being used, " directly pumps from...uhhh....a reservatory that exists..uhh, in the map."  Sort of a disconnect, right? He knows it's there, that's all that matters!

What I found most interesting about this video is the amount of fertilizer that was used in such a short period of time. As the game works, every 15 seconds is equivalent to 60 seconds in real time. To work through the 100 liters of fertilizer, it took only 7 seconds, equal to about 25 or 30 seconds in real time. What's even more surprising is the cost at which the farmer was subjected. In that half of a minute, he spent roughly $56. By the end of the video, which took place from 17:20 to 17:39 (19 minutes) he had spent about $307.

Hopefully you can view the video, if not I've posted the link as well.


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