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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Interesting merger of two concepts - 3d printing and emergency housing.
I am not sure I buy it... seems to me that this is another version of "temporary housing" that fails to consider much about the local conditions - people needing activity and work as a part of reconstructing their lives. But, since we just met up with the Spark Truck guys, I thought I would share:

- Teach.

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  1. Ya I can see the requirement for local people needing work and involvement in reconstructing their lives getting lost in this automation. I like how the article brings up the effect on the manpower in the construction industry. In the video they didn't state how they would educate and train people to use the machine, but doesn't seem tactile enough.

    But it would be cool to see this thing pop out a plastic house like Malibu Barbie's.