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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Compass Green Mobile Greenhouse Truck

Hey guys, this is a cool truck that has some good designs that I think we may be able to draw from. Particularly the blend of function and education/presentation.

here's the kickstarter page they used to raise funding for the truck

So the people behind Compass Green built a funcional mobile greenhouse in the back of a back of a box truck. Not only does it grow produce, but gives presentations, workshops, and greenhouse tours at schools.


  1. Hey it's Ashley here,

    It's a cool project you found. I was first surprised they were able to fund their project on kickstarter. Wanting to teach people about how to live more sustainable is part of an environmental push. I wonder because of their focus on the creative aspect of designing a truck were they able to create a project.

    But I think they pitched themselves well. Expect at the end of the video they could have shaved off a few seconds by editing their explanation of the perks. Like when the blond guy was confirming I think it would be better to quickly and clearly state rewards to prevent confusing people.

    I enjoyed the opening of the video. It captured my attention as I was trying to figure out how they hung all those book on the back door of the truck. It would be fun if we hung our pamphlets in the same manner. I'm almost imagining a beautiful sculptural piece there.

    I agree on the design. I like the components like the irrigation system and solar panels but I'm interested in the more detailed design process. It would be cool if we could contact them like we did spark Truck. I signed up for their newsletter so hopefully they'll be in the Baltimore area this fall.

  2. I would check out their website too... very simple scrolling splashpage type with a number of links to other information.

    Could be good for us to consider when we get there...

  3. I agree with the ease of the flow of links and blog posts.

    However I think their arrangement of the truck photo, logo, and clickable text is not thoughtfully placed. Just the truck photo extends out of the frame of the website and the alignment of the logo bothers me. Instead I would move into a donation banner that advertises their efforts to raise $13,000.